MusexPress Road Map

Here you can find the MusexPress Road Map from the first release to the last one.

Auto Installer

Pages Converter 2.0

The installation process is easier than ever. No matter how much you know about WordPress, you will be able to setup MusexPress directly in Muse in a few, simple steps

The pages converter will now convert all of the pages and internal links automatically. All your Muse designs will be ready to manage from the admin panel

Login Area 2.0

Blog 2.0

We’ve redesigned the Login Area addon to simplify the setup process. New custom registration and login forms are now available. You can add all the fields you need and easily set the login area options

We have improved the MusexPress Blog usability. You can now customize every single widget of your Blog directly with the native Muse tools

WooCommerce Addon

The world's favorite standalone e-Commerce solution fully compatible with Muse!

Search box & Restricted Area 2.0

One single Search Box to find both blog posts and WooCommerce products. New Restricted Area version with "Customer" role.

WP Plugins

From now on MusexPress will be compatible with most of the Wordpress plugins. Do you know Contact Form 7 or Slider Revolution? You can now use them in your Muse built website

In line with WP

The MusexPress core is updated to the latest Wordpress version (4.6). This provides a more secure and affordable admin panel. The 2.0 version includes a new repository system that allows MusexPress and its addons to be automatically updated

Minor Bug fixes

Bug fixes and general improvements



Pages 2.0 Addon

With this new version of Pages Addon you can create and manage a new complete Media Gallery directly from admin panel. You can create & manage Video & Audio Player and playlists and customize all directly from Adobe Muse.

Personal Branding

You can customize the admin panel with your or your customer’s logo and bring the brand identity to both the front and back-ends.

Blog 1.1 Addon

With this new release you can embedd a dynamic gallery, a player & playlist (audio/video) in your post page and manage them directly from admin panel.



Search Box Addon

This release allows to add a fully dynamic Search Box Button to your website. Search button works with the Blog addon (all posts) and you can insert it on all pages.

Import other Blog Contents

This release allows the Tools section. Now you can import the major Blog System (Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, RSS etc..) into MusexPress. You can also export your blog contents.

Social Share Addon

You can add the social share button to the "post" page of your website. It works dynamically with all of your Blog posts.

WordPress App

This release allows the integration with the WordPress official App. Now you can manage your MusexPress website directly from your smartphone.

Clone Button

This release allows to add clone button for Posts and Pages. Now you can duplicate all posts and pages with one click directly from your admin panel.

Login bug fixes

We have fixed the WordPress Warning message in WP Login page and the Login redirect failed from Muse website.



Pages Addon

This release allows to edit new images, text and videos in a few simple steps. You have now control on every aspect of your site and can easily make updates yourself directly from MusexPress admin panel.

Conversion Pages Plugin

Integration of conversion script.php directly in MusexPress admin panel. This Plugin automatically converts the Adobe Muse HTLM pages into MusexPress PHP pages.



Blog Addon

A new way to design your amazing Blog directly with Muse. Customize the look and feel of your blog and use WordPress to manage posts, media, content, authors, categories, tags and more.

Clock Theme

Sample Theme to show how MusexPress works (Blog and Login Area add-ons).

Minor Bug fixes

Bug fixes and general improvements



First release

Manage your Adobe Muse website directly from MusexPress admin panel. Make your website content dynamic and control everything you need.

Login Area Addon

Create a Restricted Area in Muse and manage your subscribers in WordPress. Set up multiple roles for your subscribers and create different restricted pages.

Login Area Theme

A quick tour on our site entirely built with Adobe Muse. You can create an account and see how all forms work.

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