How to update MusexPress from 1.X (any version before 2.0) to 2.0 version

1) Download MusexPress 2.0 from here. Unzip the file and click on the "Update from 1.x to 2.0" folder

2) Select all the files in "update_musexpress_2.0" folder and drag and drop to your MusexPress 1.x installation via FTP (the folder where you installed the Musexpress previous version).

3) Click "ok" to overwrite all files.

4) Login to the MusexPress admin panel. A dialog box will appear to require the database update. Click on Update WordPress Database.

5) From the MusexPress admin panel go to the Plugins menu, deactivate and then delete the following plugins:


- MusexPress Admin Theme

- MusexPress update Plugin disable

- MusexPress Utility

- Peter's Login Redirect

6) Install and activate the "" plugin (click here to see how to install and activate a plugin) that you can find in the "musexpress_plugin" folder.

7) Once the plugin is active, remember to verify your MuseGain ID to download all the MusexPress updates.