Welcome to MusexPress admin panel

1) This is the welcoming page of the MusexPress admin panel. Before configuring the panel, be sure to verify your subscription account to download the official Plugins and updates. You have to follow this step only once to verify that your subscription is active. Click on "verify" on the top of the page.

2) Enter your MuseGain ID (the email used to buy your subscription) and click on the "Verify your ID" button.

3) If you have an active subscription you will see this page

4) You can now update all of our Official Plugins directly from the MusexPress admin panel. As soon as a new release is online you will see a notification icon near the "Plugins" menu.

5) Once an update is available, go to the Plugins page and you will notice a message like the one in the picture below. On the "View details" link you can see all the update details. To update the Plugin, just click on "update now". You can also download the new Muse widgets directly from the panel ("Downoad Widgets" button).